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Colorful Garden Center
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We have a huge selection of drought tolerant plantsAsk us how we can help you reduce your watering!
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Here are a few of our featured items this Spring:

Peonies & Clematis can be grown in Southern California. We have been growing it in Agoura for the last 4 years.

We have a large selection of Humming Bird and Butterfly plants in various colors including: Butterfly Bushes, Monarda, various colors of perennial Verbena, Penstemon and California Native and Tropical Milk Weeds. All plants, except the Verbena, are deer and rabbit resistant!

We have 5 varieties of Heuchera from yellow, red, green, purple to black leaves. They are perennials and hold their colors year round.

We have certified organic vegetables in various sizes from 6 packs to 5-gallon containers. We also have regular vegetables.

After a very wet rainy season, snails and slugs will come out in force. We just received a shipment of "That's It" Snail Bait, which is the strongest in the market!

We have ready-to-bear Stone Fruit Trees including 4 different varieties of peaches, plums, nectarine, apricot, cherries, apples, and persimmons. We also have a large selection of citrus and berries.

We also carry Bio-Dynamic Soil for garden and lawn. Bacteria in the soil breaks the clay and increases water and oxygen penetration in the soil.

Colorful Garden Center in Agoura Hills, CA

Are you ready to step up your gardening? At Colorful Garden Center in Agoura Hills, CA, our experts can help you create a beautiful, thriving garden using a wide variety of gorgeous plants. We have more than 500 varieties of healthy, colorful plants to choose from as well as numerous other garden supplies. We carry quality topsoil and mulch along with pots and planters to help you create an appealing landscape for your home. If you're struggling with garden pests or weeds, we have both traditional and organic insecticides and herbicides to aid your fight. We also sell and educate our customers about the benefits of TurfMAX and GardenMAX. 

Colorful Garden Center is a full-service plant nursery and garden store dedicated to helping area gardeners make the most out of our environment. We have chosen to focus on native plant species and imported desert plants because we know they are uniquely suited to this climate. The hardiness and drought tolerance of these plants mean that you won't have to water your garden as often and can even have time to sit back and enjoy them instead of always coaxing them along. For customers who enjoy a little more intensive gardening, we also have tropical plants along with vegetables and fruit and citrus trees.

When we say we are the experts, we really are. Our owner has a PhD in biochemistry and understands how our products can produce a better, healthier garden. With our TurfMAX and GardenMAX products, you can make the most of the limited rainfall in our area. Developed by a chemist, these products introduce special bacteria into the soil which allows the ground to absorb more rain instead of letting it run off your property. As the water penetrates deeper into the soil, the plant roots will also reach deeper and you will be able to maintain a healthy lawn and garden by watering just two days per week. These products greatly outperformed fertilizers and water-absorbing crystals in a recent study when watering was reduced by 40%. You won't be able to find this product anywhere else in town, so stop by Colorful Garden Center to learn more!

Give us a call at (818) 991-4406 or stop by our garden store to see what we can do for you. 

We opened our Garden Center in 1982.

We are located at 28263 Dorothy Dr, Agoura Hills, CA.

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